Travel Consulting Services


Eliminate the Overwhelm and Stress, and Experience Elevated Travel, Made Effortless 

Your time is valuable.  You shouldn’t come back from a vacation and realize too late that there was a better way to have done it the first-time around.  I make sure it’s designed beyond expectations right from the start. 

If you want a list of recommendations that don’t take your personal preferences into account, you can ask the internet and receive dozens of suggestions from strangers who have different tastes, budgets, and standards than you. You still have to spend hours combing through these internet responses and deciding which are actually valuable to your particular situation.  

There’s a simpler way: my personalized travel services are hand-crafted just for you.   I’ve turned my years of globe-trotting into the ultimate travel consulting service and every single proposal is specially created for you alone. 

When you work with me, you get…


How I Create Your Elevated Travel Experience:

Step one – Get to know each other

Once you reach out, I’ll schedule a discovery call with you or an email exchange to find out more about your trip, your travel style, your wishlist, your concerns, and anything else that helps me get to know you better. My goal is to become a client expert – knowing what you like and dislike and then reaching into my bag of tricks to surprise you with some suggestions!

Step two – Partner up

Once we’ve both decided that we’re the right fit for each other, you’ll fill out my client demographic forms, as well as my terms and conditions and any relevant fee disclosure documents. If a fee is required to proceed it will be discussed during our complimentary phone call.

Step three – Realize your trip can be even better than expected

Once I’ve received all necessary signatures and fees if applicable, all you have to do is sit back and relax. I’ll get to work on creating a trip proposal that combines your wishlist with my specific knowledge of the area, resort, cruise, or tour, and send it to you within a few business days.

Step four – Have an amazing vacation

Pack your bags and board that plane! While you’re on your trip, you’ll have access to in-country support as well as my personal cell phone number and a special travel app to communicate or adjust any parts of your itinerary if necessary.