River Cruises

Oceans take you to countries. 

Rivers take you through them.

There’s something special about river cruising.  It’s an immersive way to travel, gliding up and down some of the world’s most storied rivers, including the Danube, the Rhine, the Seine, the Amazon, the Nile, and the Mekong. 

Picture yourself on this type of voyage…

  • An intimate experience with like-minded passengers (most ships range from 144 to 196 passengers)
  • Diving into the local culture and an immersive experience every time you step off the boat – get away from the touristy ports and explore hidden gems.
  • Spending evenings exploring cobblestoned streets lined with little restaurants – most itineraries feature late nights so you can enjoy the towns after dark 
  • Gliding down a powerful river with castles on either side of you as you enjoy your cup of coffee on your balcony 
  • An exceptional culinary experience featuring ingredients from the very towns you’re sailing past, with local wines and specially crafted desserts at hand
  • Unique experiences, such as hiking in vineyards, kayaking on the Danube, after-hours private visits to famous cathedrals or palaces, speaking with artisans about their craft…
  • Always a room with a view, be it a port window, a balcony, or a magnificently appointed suite 
  • The thrill of checking off your visit to Egypt or Cambodia off your bucket list with a carefully arranged river cruise down their most famous bodies of water… 

But not all river cruises are created equal, and no one river cruise company is the perfect fit for all travelers.  Did you know that some of the most successful river cruise companies don’t have any advertisements on TV? You could spend hours on the internet trying to figure out which river cruise companies are the best ones – or perhaps even choose an itinerary that doesn’t fit your wishlist (if you don’t drink wine at all, you’ll want to avoid accidentally booking a wine-focused itinerary!).

River cruising is a fantastic value but you deserve to know that you’re making the right investment in your vacation.  When you work with me, you’ll be sure that we’re selecting the best river cruise for your travel style, amenity wishlist, and budget.  You will feel confident and excited about your choice, and you’ll fall in love with this very special form of travel! 

For instance, I’ll find out what your priorities are and I’ll explain the benefits or drawbacks of some of these items – you may not have known you even had this many choices, but I’ll make the process easy for you:

  • Added or hidden costs (such as gratuities being included or excluded)
  • Airport transfers part of the package without any charge
  • Drinks included – only at meals,  or any time of day? 
  • Excursions included in the cost or too many upsells?
  • Which river cruise itineraries are the easiest to “walk off the ship” and explore the villages on your own?  Which ones include a lot of bus trips due to the village locations not directly on the river? 
  • Extra active activities desired like kayaking on the Danube or guided hikes? 
  • Special theme cruises such as painting/art lessons onboard,  wine discovery activities, Jewish history, photography lessons, or historical events? 
  • Which brands offer family / intergenerational specific sailings with special child fares and family oriented activities? 

Click the button below to start the conversation – I’d love to hear from you and talk to you about how to elevate your river cruise vacation!

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float. To roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.”

– Hans Christian Anderson