Hello, I’m Anna, and I plan thoughtful trips for discerning travelers.  I took my many years of globe-trotting and turned them into the ultimate travel consulting service.  From personalized trip creation to boutique cruises and tours, I help you check off your bucket-list one request at a time.  Your voyage is way too important to simply “hope” you’ll have the trip you desire.  And your time is just too valuable to struggle through the overwhelm of reading online reviews.   Embark on the adventure you’ve always dreamed of, armed with my expertise,  insider knowledge, and detailed hand-crafted trip designs.  What’s next on your list?  

Personalized Service

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or just setting off on your first adventure, I work with you to make sure you feel confident and secure in your travel plans before you even pack your bags. I take your wishlist that you can’t quite articulate and turn it into a checkbox of accomplishments that will thrill you.

Expertise You Can Trust

With a decade of travel advisor experience and a network of trusted global partners, I craft your trip proposals as carefully as if they were my own. I’ve lived and worked in three continents and visited over 75 countries. You can rest assured that the vetted, trusted partners I use will respect your time and investment as sincerely as I do myself.

Enriching Experiences

I take you beyond the ordinary – to make sure your vacation is truly worth every penny. You’ll come home from your vacation thrilled with your memories of a stunning remote wilderness lodge in Alaska, a secret surprise proposal to your loved one in the Seregenti, or behind the scenes access to some of the world’s most exclusive museums.

Want Exclusive Travel Advice?

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