Copy of 15 Observations


  1. This was perfect!! Thank you so much for compiling all that information! The only question I have for you- what do you wish you brought that you didn’t:) I like to be as prepared as possible when travelling with the kids.

    1. Hi Cathy! I’m glad you liked it. Hm, something I didn’t bring… I was fairly happy with my packing job but there is always room for improvement! OK. Here are some suggestions.

      -A proper lanyard/holder to put my cruise ID (key card) in and not constantly just carry it around in my hand if I didn’t have pockets. (No point in carrying around an entire purse on a ship.)
      -This is silly, but a small extension cord/outlet extender. The only outlets I found were over the desk, and sometimes my phone battery was dying and I needed to set my alarm for the morning so I preferred to have the phone by the bed.
      -An extra long-sleeve top or a pashmina. I ended up putting on my zipup hoodie over my cute dresses for the sit-down dining room – we seemed to constantly find ourselves under the air conditioner.
      -I did bring this, but it’s worth mentioning: I have the type of toiletry bag that has a hook on it, the bathroom doors have inside hooks on them so I hung up my toiletry bag behind the door and it was great for keeping clutter off the counter
      -For kids, I personally would bring some sort of journal for them. It’s such a great experience for kids, and they could glue in postcards or drawings of their day, and look back over the journals to process their trip when they get back.
      -I am also glad I brought two swimsuits – mine didn’t dry overnight, so it was good to have a backup.
      -Cards with my personal info on them (NOT MY BUSINESS CARDS – that seems to cheapen the friendship a bit for me) because I made so many passing friends and I wish I had given them my email and phone number, it was hard to find everyone the last day and also when you did find them to say goodbye no one ever seemed to have a pen and paper on them.
      If I think of anything more I’ll let you know!

    2. I thought of another thing- for your kids — I ended up being okay with the snacks provided on the excursions, but the ones I participated in gave us fruit (a banana or orange) and some cookies/crackers. I love fruit, but sometimes it’s not enough protein for me. And a couple times there wasn’t enough for everyone. If you have kids that get hungry really easily or may not do good with an orange after planting trees for two hours, throw some extra snacks in your daybag, just in case you need to hand them out to keep the kids nourished. I’m not a parent 🙂 So I don’t know if that’s an important point, but I did want to put it out there that the snack are definitely SNACKS and if a kid skipped breakfast he will definitely be pretty hungry during the excursions.

  2. I think this is such a fabulous concept, and I ve been hearing a lot about Fathom recently and their new push towards Impact Travel, so I m glad that there seems to be a big movement behind it!

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