Iceland Honeymoon Itinerary


Iceland is a fantastic destination for a romantic trip, so when my clients asked me to put together an Iceland honeymoon itinerary, I was thrilled to do so. Their top priority was to see the Northern Lights and to experience many hot springs,  so I catered the itinerary towards this goal,  leaving additional time for romance and adventure!

Each itinerary I create is catered towards your wishlist, and Iceland has amazing experiences for every style of travel.  Be sure to let me know during the travel consulting process what’s on your list!

Your Iceland Honeymoon Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival – pick up from airport and transfer to the Blue Lagoon before transferring to hotel 

Because many flights to Iceland from the USA will land early in the morning, the Blue Lagoon is a perfect stop on your way to your hotel since you wouldn’t be able to check in right away.  Soak in the mineral waters and get a headstart on relieving jet-lag.  Premium access includes entrance, silica mud mask, a welcome drink, algae mask, and use of bathroom and slippers. Luggage storage is available for a small fee, so no need to worry about your bags.  This is so much better than waiting in your hotel lobby for hours for your room to be ready!

Iceland honeymoon itinerary

Enjoy a peaceful time at the Blue Lagoon, a unique natural pool of mineral rich geothermal water located in the middle of a lava field in the pure, beautiful Icelandic wilderness.

The Blue Lagoon is known for its special properties and its beneficial effect on the skin and attracts visitors from all over the world in search of health, relaxation and an exotic experience.

In addition to bathing in the lagoon, guests have access to a sauna with a view of the lagoon, a steam-bath with white walls that resemble silica-mud and a cosy steam-bath carved into a lava cave. Guests can also stand beneath a small waterfall for an energizing massage. Of course, guests bathing in the milky waters of the Blue Lagoon have easy access to the famous white silica-mud, an essential part of the spa experience.

Luggage can be kept in the storage room and costs 500 ISK (approximately $4.50) per bag.

Check in at hotel:  Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Centre

  • Greet the day with a complimentary local artisanal breakfast and caffeine, served in the in-house Geiri Smart Restaurant. Happily relaxing? Have a Canopy Breakfast Bag delivered to your room featuring fresh fruit, yogurt and juice. There’s plenty to discover at this Reykjavik hotel such as local art, a lush courtyard and evening tastings of local beverages and spirits. The in-house Geiri Smart Restaurant is where award-winning chefs come together to create original culinary adventures. Pick up a gift for a foodie in our café, or work off some steam in the fitness room.

Reykjavik iceland honeymoon

South Coast, Black Beaches, Waterfalls, and Glacier Hike

Day 2 – Small group tour or self-drive to the South Coast

The first stop is at Skogarfoss. A picturesque waterfall thundering down the slopes of Eyjafjallajokull volcano. A waterfall frequently used in movies and commercials. The tour continues with an easy hike on the ancient ice of Solheimajokull glacier with a knowledgeable and certified glacier guide.

Iceland honeymoon itinerary tour

Then onwards for a leisurely stroll along the black sand beach of Reynisfjara. The beach features stacks of basalt columns that wall off surrounding cliffs scattered with caves. Offshore you will see Reynisdrangar pillars, basalt rock stacks that rise from the sea. Icelandic legend says they were trolls turned into rock by the rising sun when they came home late after a fishing trip.

We round off this great sightseeing tour with a stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall where we can walk behind this magnificent wall of water, right in the slopes of Eyjafjallajokull volcano. On a clear day you will have a fantastic view of famous volcanoes, Hekla and Eyjafjallajokull. You will also see the Westman Islands, rising steeply from the ocean just a few kilometres of the coast.

This tour is a great value and easy with an adventurous twist. Sights are breathtaking and where else in the world can you stand on a glacier ice, walk behind a waterfall and stroll along a volcanic black sand beach in one day?

Day 3 of your Iceland honeymoon Itinerary

Morning at leisure to enjoy and explore Reykjavik.  In the afternoon, depart on a tour for Whale Watching, Fontana Hot Springs, and Northern Lights.

Winter whale watching departing from the heart of the city, Reykjavik’s Old Harbour, at 13:00 on the big Andrea. The Andrea has an interactive and educational focus on-board so you will get a good chance to know more about these amazing animals that live the ocean. Put on an overall on-board to keep you warm and dry when searching for the cetacean out on Faxafloi bay. (There is a heated cabin as well, so you are not exposed to the elements.)

At 18:00 you then board a bus from Reykjavik Excursions for the warm and cosy Fontana geothermal baths where you can relax after a day out at sea. After nourishing on local cuisine at Fontana we then head out for the search of the northern lights.

Iceland honeymoon itinerary

Day 4

Morning at leisure since you will have been up late watching for the northern lights. Afternoon to explore the city or to have a spontaneous activity booking.

Day 5 – Golden Circle Tour with foodie emphasis

We start with some stunning nature and a trip to magnificent Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004. We will then drive on to Efstidalur farm that not only offers a warm welcome and introduction to the life of a modern, Icelandic farm but also a taste of some treats, like freshly made colorful ice cream, skyr, feta cheese, mysa and bruschetta. And that’s just for starters. Be sure to leave room for their home made soup and bread, their roast beef and fresh trout from the river Utey.

After whetting your appetite we then visit Gullfoss waterfall followed by the hot spring and bubbling hot pots area around Geysir and the sprouting Strokkur. After these national landmarks, we stop at Fridheimar, a little piece of the Mediterranean in the middle of Iceland, thanks to a series of greenhouses. Here, you receive an introduction to the operation of growing tomatoes and taste some of their delicious foods all in the warmth of their greenhouses: a selection of bruschetta, some of their home grown vegetables and raise a glass and taste their mouthwatering tomato schnapps. Last but not least we visit Islenski baerin, one of Iceland’s best preserved turfed farms. The menu is not always the same but some of the delicatessen are dry fish and seaweed, flat bread and smoked lamb, pancakes with whipped cream and rhubarb jelly and fresh honey and herbal tea. Fully fed both by Icelandic nature and Icelandic delicacies we then drive back to Reykjavik.

Iceland honeymoon geysers

Day 6 – onwards to the North! Iceland honeymoon itinerary

This morning,  take a short short (45 min) flight to Akureyri, the “capital” of the north and a better location for additional Northern Lights viewing.

In the evening,  you’ll take a harbor cruise to spot the Northern lights.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that occur in nature. Often on a clear, dark night in the boreal forest, green, purple, pink, and white lights dance on the horizon changing their shape and color. It is perhaps one of nature s most fascinating displays of artistry. More commonly known as the Northern Lights, the phenomenon describes the dance of color in the sky in the northern hemisphere. It’s dark, you’re outside and everything is quiet. A flicker of light in the sky grabs your attention. Pale and modest at first, soon intense and vibrant, transforming the dark sky into a mighty display of nature’s power. It’s hypnotic but perhaps strangest of all: There is complete silence, while cascades of green, yellow, violet and red dance across the sky in silent harmony. It is like a mighty symphonic ballet with muted sound. This is a great way to experience the magic of the Northern Lights while you enjoy a comfortable journey aboard our newest addition to our boat fleet.

Iceland Akureyri

Day 7 – Dog sledding in Akureyri

Have you ever dreamed of sliding through snowy landscapes in harmony with nature and the power of huskies? This is an adventure where you control the sledge under the supervision of an experienced musher. You, as a musher, will be actively working while steering the sledge in order to support the huskies.

This tour includes pick up from the airport from your accommodation in Akureyri, dog sled tour on your own sled, experienced guides, photos, and time to cuddle the dogs! Iceland dogsledding


Myvatn, Mystery, and Magic on your Iceland honeymoon itinerary

Day 8 – Game of Thrones themed tour

This is your chance to visit the Land beyond the Wall and see it brought to life with tales of the Seven Kingdoms by local guide Jon Thor Benediktsson, who also guided the Game of Thrones crew on set during filming in this area.

Today you will be entering the other worldly landscapes of Lake Myvatn where the scenes for North of the Wall were filmed. Now it becomes apparent why Game of Thrones production crew were drawn to this area as the majestic Waterfall of the Gods, Godafoss, greets you.

Your next stop will be the magical places where the latest series of Game of Thrones was filmed. Here you can try to relive the action in the locations seen in the series. No, you will hopefully not encounter any White Walkers, but with Iceland’s rich folklore let the storytelling guide boost your imagination with tales of trolls and Hidden People alongside curious facts about what happened behind the scenes of Games of Thrones.

After a day of beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes, unusual lava rock formations, steaming hot springs, bubbling mud pools and mysterious landscape you’ll end the day with a splash at Myvatn Nature Baths. Not a filming location for Game of Thrones, but the calming waters relax you while imagining being surrounded by other Free Folk. With a bit of luck the Northern Lights will entertain you during your soak, right before returning to Akureyri. (Check out other tour options here.)

Iceland waterfall

Flight back to Reykjavík

Day 9- Take a flight back to the capital city and enjoy your last day in Iceland!

If you’d like, an afternoon or late morning horseback riding excursion could be added on, or you can catch up on souvenir shopping or enjoying the town. A brewery tour is also a possibility.

NOTE: Depending what airline you fly, you can also leave directly from Akureyri, so we can consider the last night in Reykjavik optional.

Iceland itinerary honeymoon

Day 10 – Departure

Goodbye Iceland! Did you enjoy your Iceland honeymoon itinerary?

Note: You could also leave the day before, as many flights back to the USA only depart around 5pm and so you would able to fly back from Akureyri in the morning. This is optional and depends on your schedule and how many more activities you’d like to do in Iceland.

For more Iceland honeymoon itinerary inspiration, check out my article on 5 ways to visit Iceland, or learn more about my travel advising services.  Ready to book? Contact me here.