Privacy Policy 

Travel agent will request certain information from clients consisting of:

  • Name, address, birthdate, citizenship, email, telephone number

This information is necessary to create quotes and book trips. 

The travel agent does not share this information except where required by suppliers – hotels, cruises, airlines, and tours may request clients’ phone numbers in order to alert them for emergency reasons.

The travel agent does not share your email or contact information with any marketing companies or sell it to any other travel agents.   The travel agent will use your email and telephone number to correspond with you about your booking.   

The travel agent may forward you additional travel opportunities that are curated to your interests. 

Group Bookings

When travelers who do not live at the same address,  the travel agent will correspond with the initial group leader (the person who made the first contact) throughout the quote process. 

The group leader will be responsible for communicating the details of the quote and/or any agent questions to the rest of the group. 

If the travelers have not submitted their separate emails, the travel agent is not responsible for any dissatisfaction with the itinerary by group members, as the group leader accepts responsibility for checking the itinerary.  By agreeing to move forward with the deposits, the group leader acknowledges that all parties have been informed of necessary details. 

All quotes assume that travelers will arrive at destinations together.  If travelers arrive separately on different flights, they will be responsible for the additional cost of airport transfers. 

Traveler Responsibility to Communicate 

Travelers agree to respond promptly to requests by the travel agent, for instance sharing their flight itineraries if booked separately or questions about requested amenities.  Communication may take place over email, text, or social media messaging depending on the traveler preference.

The travel agent reserves the right to limit services if travelers do not respond promptly to messages about non-essential components (day tours, airport transfers, etc). 

The travel agent reserves the right to charge an expedited document shipping fee if the travelers delay sharing information that is needed to issue documents. 

During the quote process, if the traveler does not respond in a timely manner to a quote proposal,  the prices may change and the quote will have to be redone. No prices are ever guaranteed until the trip is deposited. 

During the quote process,  the travel agent reserves the right to limit her services if the traveler does not respond to requests for more information such as:

  • Dates of travel
  • Budget
  • Destination 

If the above three items are not provided,  the travel agent may not be able to provide a quote. 


Travelers will receive their travel vouchers through email or through the postal service, depending on the trip type. 

Trips booked within 30 days of departure may be limited to email documents only. 

Last Minute Bookings: Plan to Go Fee & Rush Planning Fee

Travelers traveling within the next 30 days may be asked to submit copies of their passport and a client demographic form before the travel agent moves forward with a quote. 

Plan To Go fee:  Bookings made within 60 days of travel may incur a Plan To Go fee.  Travel agent will inform travelers of this fee before moving forward with a quote.  The Plan to Go fee may vary depending on the complexity of the request. Not all last minute bookings will incur a fee. 

  • The Plan to Go fee will be applied towards the cost of the trip; however, if the clients do not travel, the agent will retain the Plan to Go fee as compensation for her time.
  • If the Plan to Go fee is waived, the travel agent reserves the right to limit itinerary revisions. 

Rush Planning Fee: The travel agent may request a $150 rush planning fee for trips departing in less than 30 days. This fee will be non-refundable and is not applied to the cost of the booking.  

Final Payment 

It is the traveler’s responsibility to note the final payment dates and plan accordingly.  The travel agent will make every effort to contact the traveler with reminders; however, the travel agent is not responsible for missed payment dates when the traveler is unresponsive. 

Suppliers may have deadlines of 5pm, 9pm, or midnight for their cutoff dates.  It is the traveler’s responsibility to take this into account and not assume that their payment meets the deadline.  It is highly recommend that you submit your final payment 24-72 hours in advance of the deadline.  

The travel agent will contact the traveler up to three times with reminders about final payment. 

Any cancellations that result from the travelers’ missing final payment are the travellers’ responsibility and reinstatement may have additional costs. 

Limited Liability 

Travel agent is not responsible nor liable for any error, omission, injury, property loss, accident, act of terrorism, disappointment, or any other unforeseeable event. Travel agent is not responsible for missed connections, schedule changes, aircraft changes, or trip interruption. It is the traveler’s responsibility to have proper travel documents for all trips including but not limited to vouchers, passports, visas, marriage licenses, or birth certificates. Travel insurance should be purchased to protect you in these circumstances. Change and cancel fees may apply. Hotel and tour operator fees may apply at the time of a change or cancellation of existing schedule. PLEASE NOTE: all rates are subject to change without notice until deposit is made.

Travel Insurance 

Travelers are not required to purchase travel insurance from the supplier or travel agent; however adding travel insurance to your booking is highly recommended.  

Please note many ‘adventure destinations’ such as the Galapagos and/or African safaris may be booked with vendors that do require a minimum level of travel insurance.  This is disclosed in the vendor quote. 

Passports and Visas 

The travelers are solely responsible for checking their passport expirations, verifying the entry requirements for their destination, and applying for any necessary visas. 

Please note that many destinations require your passport to be valid 6 months after the date of your return. 

Cancellation Fees

Currently the travel agent does not charge any cancellation fees directly.  All cancellation fees/penalties are from the supplier/vendor/hotel.  It is the traveler’s responsibility to review the terms and conditions on their invoice. 


Airfare must be packaged with hotels, cruise,  or tour. For stand alone airfare, travel agent reserves the right to refuse to book air-only for new clients. 

When the airfare price is the same as displayed on publically available websites (Expedia, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, etc), the following fees apply to airfare-only bookings:

-$50 domestic

-$75 international 


The travel agent does not “keep” payments on behalf of clients.  When a traveler submits a credit card authorization, the travel agent makes the payment directly to the hotel, cruise, tour, or activity vendor.   The travel agent never receives monies directly from the client. The travel agent cannot accept any payments made out “to” the travel agent. 

Gratuities and additional fees 

Wherever possible, the travel agent will attempt to inform the client of any additional costs such as hotel taxes payable upon check in or resort fees.  Hotel taxes may appear on travel vouchers at time of confirmation, not during initial quote.  

Please note many hotels, particularly in Europe, will require additional taxes/fees at checkin, such as 1-3 euros per night for local city tax. 

The travel agent is not responsible for any omissions of additional fees during the quote process.  These types of fees include:

  • Gratuities to guides, hotel staff, or drivers 
  • Mandatory onboard service charges/gratuities for cruises 
  • City taxes payable directly at the hotel (very common in Europe)
  • Costs for transport to/from the airport if traveler did not include transfers in quote 
  • Breakfasts or other  meals at hotels unless they are specifically included in quote 

Concierge Services

The travel agent is very limited in concierge services such as dinner reservations, theater tickets, non-commissionable tours or activities, or special hotel requests such as pool cabanas or private meals.  It is the traveler’s responsibility to follow up directly with the hotel or tour if they wish to make changes to these types of activities after travel has started. 

  • Any arrangements made directly between the traveler and the hotel/vendor/supplier remain the traveler’s responsibility except in extreme circumstances.  
  • The travel agent is not responsible for any loss of money if the traveler misses any pre-arranged activities or reservations due to travel delays or other circumstance.